Mindful Touch at Home: Changing Your Family Dynamic During Quarantine and Beyond



When you’re with someone a lot, your time together can go from laughter, fun, and conversation to strangers passing each other in the kitchen. This is natural, but not always nourishing to your relationships. This doesn’t just apply to your romantic partnerships but also those relationships with your family, too. 

During a quarantine, tensions are high, so is anxiety. If you’re lucky enough to be sharing space with someone during this period of time, it’s important to stay connected and help each other get through this tough moment. We can do this through safe touch. 

It’s not until we’re without touch that we realize the importance it has on our wellbeing. The need for touch is biological and receiving its benefits can lower your blood pressure, cortisol levels, and can even give you a mood booster. 

That’s why Mindful Touch® at Home is here to help you keep your loved ones strong and connected. 

Here are four ways getting more positive touch into your routine can change your family dynamic during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


#1 Normalizes Touch 


Touch is essential to the human experience. It can impact anxiety, depression, stress, and the nervous system. But, it’s not always easy to ask for and if you didn’t grow up receiving it, it can even feel awkward. The Mindful Touch training walks you through how to communicate with your loved ones about touch. From asking for touch to having conversations about what feels good, bringing touch into your daily routine will help everyone feel better. 



#2 Creates Positive Habits


Mindful touch can help create positive habits in your household. Like, learning how to comfort each other in times of stress. If you notice someone in your home is sighing or feeling sluggish, you’ll be more confident in consoling them. Understanding the power of touch will help you become more aware of each other's needs while evolving and enriching your everyday routines. Giving a back rub, or offering a hug can go a long way and let your loved ones know, you’re there for them even when they don’t know how to ask.



#3 Keeps Stress Levels in Check 

When we’re stressed out - we can snap. What a lot of people don’t know is that positive touch actually lowers stress by reducing the hormone cortisol. By receiving regular touch, we’re better equipped to handle stressful situations with ease. Self-soothing touch, can better your ability to regulate stress for yourself and your loved ones. 



#4 Heightens Connection & Bonding 

Safe touch is connective. It’s a form of communication that is often neglected and bringing more of it into our lives creates a deeper bond with those we love. This is because when we receive positive touch, the love hormone called oxytocin is released through our bodies. This powerful hormone is associated with social bonding, trust, and generosity.



The Mindful Touch® at Home course will provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to intentionally and mindfully incorporate Mindful Touch™ into your everyday wellness routine. You will learn from Dr. Tiffany Ryan about the importance of safe, healthy touch and its impact on our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

In this course we will cover social distancing and it’s challenges, the impacts of touch deprivation, the benefits of safe touch and its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, communication and consent around touch and offer suggestions for the type of touch to give, where, when and how to give it.

Learn more here.

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