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What is Yomassage?

Yomassage was created with the intention of making therapeutic touch more accessible. We created a luxurious and relaxing experience that allows clients to receive massage in a small group setting. Yomassage combines mindfulness, supported positions, and therapeutic touch all in one class. Yomassage is more accessible than s normal 1-1 massage because of the cost, but it is also more appealing to some people because it is offered in a safe, fully clothed, small group setting. Learn more about Yomassage at

Where can I find a Yomassage class?

We have Yomassage therapists holding classes all across the country! Visit to find a class in your area.

How many people are in a class?

1 therapist can have up to 5 people in a class. If they have a Yomassage Supporter assisting them, they can have up to 8 in a 90-minute class and 10 in a 2-hour class.

Who can take Yomassage classes?

Yomassage classes are open to anyone! You just need to feel comfortable getting up and down from the floor. You do not need to be flexible at all to take a Yomassage class. You do not need any prior experience in fitness, massage, or yoga to take these classes.

Is this yoga?

No. Yomassage is not yoga, it is a different way to receive therapeutic touch. The Yomassage positions are inspired by restorative yoga positions.


Who can take the Yomassage® training?

To become a certified Yomassage therapist, you must either be a: Licensed massage therapist, Physical therapist, Occupational therapist, Chiropractor, or You must be enrolled in one of these programs. If you don’t qualify for the Yomassage training, don’t worry! You’re still qualified to take the Mindful Touch training. Additionally, we have a few options from virtual to in-person. Check out all of our training options here:

Who can take the Mindful Touch™ Training?

The Mindful Touch training is open to anyone. Typically we see a lot of folks from the health and wellness field like: yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, meditation teachers, personal trainers, health coaches, etc. However, it’s open and we’d love to see you in one of our trainings! Here’s a link to additional training info:

I’m still in massage school. Can I take the Yomassage® training?

Yes, you are able to take the training if you are still in massage school. All you’ll need to do is wait until after you’re licensed to start holding Yomassage classes.

Does the Yomassage® training count for CEs?

This training is eligible for up to 25 CEUs and 10.5 hours of training are currently approved by NCBTMB. The remaining hours will be dependent on your state’s requirements. If you are also a yoga teacher, the training counts for 25 CEs from Yoga Alliance.

Does the Mindful Touch™ training count for CEs for Yoga Teachers?

This Mindful Touch training is eligible for 25 CEs through Yoga Alliance. You can check out the YA website here:

What’s the difference between the in-person training and the virtual training?

The virtual training and the in-person training both cover the same exact material and are both extremely hands-on. The only difference is that in the virtual training you will be taking videos of yourself doing the hands-on practice and receiving written feedback from your peers and master trainer, and in the in-person training you will be doing the hands-on portions in-person. The virtual training is 25 hours 100% virtual, and the in-person training has 17 hours of online coursework to be completed before the training, and the remaining 8 hours are done in-person. If you would like to see the training schedule, follow this link: and fill out the form and a training schedule will automatically be sent to your inbox.

What is the virtual training like? Is it hands-on?

The virtual training is not like any other online training out there! It’s a 25-hour hands-on intensive online training you can take all from the comfort of your home. Here’s what you can expect from each week: Week 1: Watching videos, participating in discussions, quizzes, and turning in video submissions. + optional Live Q&A. Week 2: You will need a partner to work with to practice and film all of the positions and hands-on techniques. More quizzes, videos and instruction! + optional Live Q&A. Week 3: Your final class demo, discussions, final marketing talk, and more! + optional Live Q&A. Throughout the 3 weeks you will have quizzes, discussions, and videos to submit. You will also be required to engage with your peers and give them feedback as well. There are 3 weekly optional LIVE Q&A sessions with your master trainer throughout the course. You will end the training with a huge support system from the Yomassage community, and lifelong friends you connected with throughout the training. The virtual training is graded, and you will have the opportunity to graduate with honors. If you would like to see the virtual training schedule, follow this link: and fill out the form and a training schedule will automatically be sent to your inbox.

What props do I need for the training?

Here’s a checklist: 1 Yomassage Mat, 2 Yomassage Recommended Blankets, 2 Foam Yomassage Recommended Blocks, 2 Yomassage Recommended Bolsters, 2 Yomassage Balls, 1 Bottle of Spray Hand Sanitizer. The Yomassage Mat and Yomassage Balls can be found on our website, and the other recommended products are linked in your confirmation email. You will also receive a discount on products when you sign-up. You can purchase the Yomassage Mat for 40% off after you sign up for the training, and the Yomassage Balls for 25% off. In your confirmation email, you’ll receive our recommendations for bolsters, blankets, and blocks.

Do I need to use Yomassage brand props or the props you recommend?

The Yomassage brand props are not required, but encouraged. The quality of your props are of high importance, that’s why we recommend a select few. You can purchase the Yomassage Mat for 40% off after you sign up for the training, and the Yomassage Balls for 25% off. In your confirmation email, you’ll receive our recommendations for bolsters, blankets, and blocks.

What is the schedule like for the virtual/in-person training?

All you need to do is follow this link:, fill out the form and a training schedule will automatically be sent to your inbox.

When is the final payment due?

There is a $199 deposit to reserve your spot, and the remaining balance is due 45 days prior to the training.

Do you offer payment plans?

We don’t offer payment plans; however, your entire training payment isn’t due all at once. For starters, a $199 deposit is required to hold your spot for the training. The remaining balance isn’t due until 45 days prior to the training. We occasionally consider extending the remaining balance deadline on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out the and let us know your situation!

How much is the training?

The 25-hour in-person and virtual Yomassage and Mindful Touch trainings are $699. Follow this link for more training info: We have an Introduction to Yomassage Training for $199 that can be found on the same page.

What is your refund policy?

The deposit you make for the training is non-refundable. However, the remaining training balance is refundable up to 60-days prior to the training. You can transfer to another training 45 days prior to your scheduled training with a $75 transfer fee.

What support do you provide after the training?

Our goal is to help ensure your success as Yomassage Practitioners and we aim to provide as much support as possible to accomplish this. That said, we have a password protected portion of our website where Yomassage Therapists have access to administrative forms, flyers, logo, videos, pictures, brochure templates, guided meditations, royalty free playlists, etc. to use as they please. We also list you on the website as a Yomassage/Mindful Touch practitioner and list all of your classes on our events page. We are constantly doing our own advertising increasing brand recognition and demand for classes. Our number one priority is helping you be successful with your classes!

When will I know the exact location of the training?

We typically schedule the venue 2-3 months in advance, and the trainings are usually at centrally located hotels. This information will be posted here for Yomassage trainings and here for Mindful Touch trainings.

Can I switch to a different training?

You can switch to a different training up to 45 days prior to the training. There is a transfer fee of $75.

How much work is involved in the virtual training? I will be on holiday during the training.

It is pretty intensive so it might be difficult for you to do while you are on holiday. The first week of training is mostly watching videos, doing discussions, and quizzes. The second week is the most intensive with lots of videos, quizzes, and the hands-on portion where you will be working with a partner and filming yourself practicing all of the positions and the massage. The third week is your demo class where you will film yourself doing a short Yomassage class. For the 2nd and 3rd week you will need a full set of Yomassage props.

In the virtual training, do I have to be online at the same time as my instructor?

Nope! While we do have due dates each week that you need to follow, completing the course work is on your own time. The only time you may want to schedule to be online is during the live Q&A each Sunday evening, however, the live Q&A is optional and recorded for you to view at a later time if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join.

Yomassage Members Network

Do I have to be a member to conduct Yomassage classes?

Yes. We care about what you do after the training and want to help you succeed in any way we can! You have to be a member so people are able to verify that you are a certified Yomassage Therapist. There are so many more benefits to becoming a member. You can read about it here:

What is included in the membership network?

You can read about the benefits of the membership network here:

Is the membership month-to-month?

You can purchase a monthly membership or you can purchase for the whole year in advance and get a discount. There is a 3 month minimum commitment for the basic membership and a 6 month minimum commitment for the premier membership. After that you can cancel with 30 days notice at any time.

Yomassage Supporter

What is a Yomassage Supporter?

A Yomassage Supporter is someone who has been trained to provide additional hands-on touch during Yomassage classes. They do not massage or manipulate tissue. They also help assist the Yomassage Therapist in making the class run more smoothly and helping clients throughout the class.

Who can become a Yomassage Supporter?

A Yomassage Supporter must be legally qualified to touch in the state they are practicing and must have completed the online Yomassage Supporter training. The training can be found here:

How do I become a Yomassage supporter?

The Yomassage Supporter training can be found here:


What is your refund policy?

We do not accommodate free shipping on refunds or exchanges at this time. You can return an item if it has not been damaged, washed, or worn. If you need to make a return or exchange, please email

What are your hours of operation?

We answer technical support and customer service emails M-F from 9:00am-1:00pmPST. You will get an email response within 48 business hours. A phone call can be scheduled if needed.