Class Descriptions

All Yomassage™ classes are lead by appropriately licensed professionals who have completed a 16-hour Yomassage™ certification.


Our signature class. A fusion of relaxing and supportive positions enhanced through touch and mindfulness. Students hold gentle, supported stretches for up to 10 minutes while a massage therapist massages various muscles groups, allowing for a head to toe massage in a single class. 1 therapist can serve up to 5 clients.

Trauma Informed Yomassage™

Tailored Yomassage classes for participants with trauma symptoms. Using our relaxing approach to massage and touch, mindfulness, and awareness, the Trauma Informed Yomassage class is a safe, empowered, and self-regulated space. In addition to the required 16hr Yomassage Therapist Training, therapists complete an online Trauma Informed Yomassage Training. 1 therapist can serve up to 5 clients.

Energetic Yomassage™

A blend of traditional Yomassage classes and healing Reiki treatments. Instead of massage, therapists use Reiki while clients rest in supportive restorative stretches. All Energetic Yomassage therapists also hold a Reiki certification. 1 therapist can serve up to 5 clients.

Mindful Touch™ by Yomassage

Just like our signature Yomassage class, but instead of massage, clients receive light therapeutic and mindful touch. Mindful Touch classes can have more clients than a traditional Yomassage class and be led by wellness professionals who are not massage therapists. 1 teacher can serve up to 10 clients.

Yomassage™ Self Care

Yomassage Self Care is an educational class/workshop that teaches clients to use a combination of mindfulness and Yomassage Balls to facilitate self -massage and trigger point therapy.

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