our story

Yomassage was founded in 2018 by wellness entrepreneur Katherine Parker and social work professor and massage therapist Dr. Tiffany Ryan. They had a mission to create an offering that allowed more people to experience the benefits of massage therapy on a regular basis and revolutionize the wellness industry. Since 2018 they have trained more than 2,000 wellness professionals around the world. In 2022 the founders opened the first Yomassage Social Spa in Portland, OR and will begin franchising in 2024.

the mission

The Yomassage mission is to disrupt the massage and wellness industry by creating a better experience for wellness consumers and wellness employees. We focus on creating a welcoming and accessible sanctuary for our guests and a supportive environment where our wellness practitioners can thrive. Our goal is to be the #1 massage employer in the world.

"I’ve had MANY massages in my life and this is by far one of the best. They really care about you and you feel that with every passing minute."

Yomassage Social Spa Client

the experience

Yomassage is like no other wellness offering on the market. We create a total mind-body-soul connection experience that activates all of your sensory receptors and cultivates the ultimate relaxation experience. Yomassage is truly for every person and every body, and our practitioners are trained to make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed at all times. You can experience Yomassage 1:1 or in a semi-private group setting.

our locations

You can experience Yomassage from a certified Yomassage practitioner in nearly all US states, and over 10 countries around the world. In addition to our Yomassage Social Spas, Yomassage is offered in private massage practices, yoga studios, gyms, hotels, and wellness centers. You can find a list of all certified Yomassage practitioners and a link to their websites here. You can also visit us at a Yomassage Social Spa near you, and start making Yomassage part of your weekly wellness routine.

become certified

Are you a wellness practitioner who wants to expand your knowledge of the mind-body connection, add Yomassage to your practice, or work at a Yomassage Social Spa? Learn more about how to become certified here.

open a yomassage social spa

Are you a wellness practitioner or entrepreneur who is business savvy, passionate about Yomassage, and wants to learn more about opening your own Yomassage Social Spa? Fill out this form and we will get back to you with more information.

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