Mindful Touch™ at Home by Yomassage®

The Mindful Touch™ at Home course will provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to intentionally and mindfully incorporate Mindful Touch™ into your everyday wellness routine. You will learn from Dr. Tiffany Ryan about the importance of safe, healthy touch and its impact on our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

In this course we will cover social distancing and it’s challenges, the impacts of touch deprivation, the benefits of safe touch and its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, communication and consent around touch and offer suggestions for the type of touch to give, where, when and how to give it.

We look forward to seeing the benefit this course has on you and your loved ones. Let us know how Mindful Touch™ at Home has impacted you by sharing your story using the hashtag #mindfultouchathome

Dr. Tiffany Ryan is the Co-Founder of Yomassage, has a PhD in Social Work, and is a licensed massage therapist.

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This course changed the relationship I have with my children and spouse. We feel more connected, closer, and overall happier. My kids are always asking for mindful touch now, and my spouse is much more intentional about providing me the touch I need.

Patrick Ryan

Why you need this course

During a time of social distancing, our connection with each other has never been more important. While taking steps to isolate ourselves is acting towards the greater good of the community and is critically important, the fact remains that isolating ourselves physically has mental and emotional implications and the need for touch is significant.

That’s where practicing safe, positive touch with your loved ones comes in to help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. With safe touch in your life, you will release tension in your body, sleep better, and bring a greater awareness to your wellbeing.

In this time of uncertainty, give your children a loving touch that lets them know you're there. Strengthen your connection with your partner, and show yourself the positive touch you need to stay balanced in a challenging moment. When you and your loved ones learn how to experience Mindful Touch, you’ll feel a true difference in your daily interactions.

Though we’re putting distance between ourselves and the world, mindful touch gives you an opportunity to come together at home, with your loved ones.

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