6 Truths We Know About the Future of Massage Therapy Post COVID



As allied health professionals, the questions on many of our minds right now include:


• When will we go back to work?

• When we do go back to work, will our clients still be there?

• Do we, as massage therapists, feel safe going back to work?

• Will our services still be in demand?

• What changes in health and safety measures should we take and will we be required to take?

• Will clients still be interested in virtual self-care?

• How can we effectively address the collective COVID-19 trauma our clients have experienced?

• With the economy in a slump, will clients be able to afford our services? 


The uncertainty of the future is a reality we have to accept, however, there are some things that we do know for certain as we move into the “new normal”.


#1 New Found Appreciation for Human Touch


Even before COVID-19, many people experienced loneliness. Now, as the majority of the population is now experiencing isolation, we know that now more than ever, the general population has an appreciation for the importance of human connection and touch. People who have never considered the benefits of massage may be ripe for learning more about how to incorporate this into their wellness routines. 


#2 The Touch Will Go On


As bodyworkers, we have the opportunity to shape the narrative. Given the spiked interest and conversation around the need for human touch, the future of this industry is bright. The need for touch is not going away, it has been around for millennia! We will continue to offer services as it is deemed safe.  


#3 New Guidance


Massage regulatory boards will provide us with guidance on how to continue to provide services safely and with enhanced precautions to protect us and our clients. Make sure to stay in contact with your state’s regulatory and licensing boards as they begin to roll out new regulations as we prepare to return to work.  


#4 Need For Trauma-Informed Practitioners


You can prepare yourself for helping clients with trauma. Trainings on this are offered to Yomassage therapists, but if you are not a Yomassage Therapist, you can begin by reading books on trauma in the body. We recommend The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, and anything by Peter Levine! 

Learn more about trauma informed bodywork here


#5 New Innovations 


The massage industry is innovative and we’ve proven our ability to make change and develop new offerings in times of crisis. That said, there’s a brand new landscape of virtual offerings for our clients to utilize. Even beyond the use of our hands, we’ve proven our merit and can help people through some of the toughest circumstances. New and diversified menu of services that will continue to keep businesses strong in a post COVID-19 future. 


See a list of ideas here


#6 Affordable Offerings


Now is the time to think about creating some new menu options at more affordable rates for clients who are experiencing financial difficulty. Group sessions, virtual offerings, and workshops can be a huge help to your clients who are struggling but want to continue to receive your help. 


At Yomassage, our mission is to make therapeutic touch accessible to everyone. Find out more about Yomassage and how you can offer affordable therapeutic touch here.

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