What Consumers Need from Their Massage Therapist Post COVID-19



The entire world is experiencing a collective trauma in the wake of COVID-19. 

What does trauma look like? 


• You or a loved one are sick from the virus

• You’ve lost someone in your life due to COVID-19

• You’ve lost your financial stability 

• You’re stuck at home with someone who is abusive

• You’re experiencing quarantine by yourself

• The virus is making your anxiety or depression flare up

• You’re simply worried about the uncertainty of the world

It’s significant to recognize that we’re all going through this together. We’re all watching, worried, and social distancing for an undetermined amount of time. This is hard. But here’s something hopeful - Post Traumatic Growth Theory (PTG). This is one of my favorite ways to look at trauma recovery! PTG says that there are five factors that can change after experiencing a trauma or crisis.

5 Ways Your Life Transforms after Trauma


1. How you relate to others may develop

2. You may be more open to new possibilities 

3. You can better recognize your personal strength 

4. You may experience a spiritual change 

5. You may experience a new appreciation for life

This theory suggests that in the aftermath of a crisis, there is a unique opportunity to reconstruct and strengthen perceptions of self, others, and the meaning of life events. In the wake of trauma, we tend to see the importance of taking care of ourselves, connecting with the highest and best versions of ourselves, and taking time for gratitude for all that is good in our lives. 

Easing Emotional Suffering Through the Mind-Body Connection 


Yomassage is the perfect opportunity for self-care, engaging in meditations that focus on self-compassion, gratitude, and manifestation. Yomassage is founded on the belief that the mind-body connection is powerful and we can ease mental and emotional suffering through touch, stretch, breath, and community. 

It is important to have the knowledge around what trauma is, how it manifests, and how we can effectively assist with symptoms - now and when all of this passes. As you move to offering virtual services to your clients, it’s more important than ever that you understand how to facilitate a healing and calming environment. 

Trauma Informed Practices

Our signature Yomassage and Mindful Touch trainings are infused with trauma informed practices, but our commitment to educating our Yomassage Practitioners on how to create healing space for their clients doesn’t end there. We offer a free introduction to trauma informed bodywork course to all of our therapists once they have completed their initial training. For those looking to specialize in Trauma Informed Bodywork, we have an advanced course available to them as well. 

If you're interested to see where you score on the Post Traumatic Growth Theory Scale click here

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