Should you combine massage with stretch and/or yoga?



Have you considered incorporating stretch and/or yoga into your massage practice? 

According to ABMP’s recent article, “Combining Manual and Movement Therapies: Why it Makes Sense for your Clients” , incorporating stretch and/or yoga with massage is an innovative concept worth exploring. Yomassage has been at the forefront of this movement for some time and our unique certification trains massage therapists to combine 3 proven wellness approaches - massage, restorative stretch, and mindfulness in one luxurious and relaxing session. 


For some time in the United States, the movement and massage worlds have been divided and exclusive of one another, even though there is so much overlap in terms of what we study and our end goal of helping our clients feel better. While the Massage and Bodywork Magazine article focuses on the overlap in how to treat musculoskeletal issues, Yomassage focuses on the impact that massage, restorative stretch, and mindfulness have on the nervous system - which ultimately affects the pain points in the body. 


Research has shown that gentle stretching impacts our sensory receptors in a similar fashion as massage, which triggers the production of feel-good hormones while decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. The same can be said for mindfulness meditation; through guided meditation and breath work, the nervous system is able to regulate and the body is able to enter into rest and relaxation mode. 


While there have been some turf wars between movement and massage worlds, we believe creating a cohesive approach by combining them will create the best outcome for the client, which is everyone’s end goal! 

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