COVID Vaccine and Massage: How Long Should You Wait After the COVID Vaccine?



As COVID-19 and our response to it as a profession evolves over time, one of the newest concerns and questions is what we need to consider in relation to the vaccine. As more and more people are becoming vaccinated, an interesting question that many massage therapists are wondering about is “How long should I wait to massage a client after they have received the vaccine?” 


Industry Experts


The massage pathology expert, Ruth Werner, has provided some helpful guidance on this! She says that although the vaccine is too new to have data on it specifically, we do know that after receiving the shot flu like symptoms may appear, generally within 2 days. Because of this, she recommends that clients wait 2 days after the vaccine is given to receive massage out of an abundance of caution. 



2-day wait period

If the client has symptoms past 2 days, you should wait to give massage until they are free of symptoms. In the absence of hard data and guidance from research, and to avoid potential harm to our clients, it is a good idea to look to pathology experts for guidance based on their best educated guess. 



Read Ruther Werner’s blog on ABMP’s website covering this in more detail here


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