Printable COVID Sanitation Checklist for your Massage Practice



Having a robust sanitation policy and schedule is essential to making your clients and staff feel safe when you return to work. We have created a sanitation checklist for your massage practice that you can print out and go through after each treatment. Please feel free to modify and customize this list to meet the needs of your practice. You will find a button at the bottom of this blog to download a printable PDF.

This checklist provides general guidelines for reopening your massage practice and does not supersede any laws under which your business operates. Always follow the health and sanitation regulations established by your local, state or national governments. All guidelines, templates and resources should be reviewed by your legal counsel prior to use and distribution to ensure they are in compliance with the laws of your respective governing body. The checklist is meant to be customizable with applicable components being used as deemed appropriate by each individual business. 


Hard surfaces

Door handles

Light switches









Soft surfaces

Carpeted floors




Additional considerations for communal areas: 

Evaluate changes that need to be made to shared amenities offered in communal areas (i.e magazines, blankets, hair dryers, communal foods/beverages, etc.) 

Evaluate seating areas and distance or remove seating if necessary to meet local/government requirements (i.e. social distancing, etc.) 

Evaluate need for floor markings to assist clients with navigating the office if necessary to meet local/government requirements for physical distancing

Develop a process for clients who want to forgo access to any communal areas and go directly to their treatment room/area 

Evaluate high traffic areas that require the opening of doors and determine if they can be propped open to prevent repeated touch



Door handles 

Light Switches 

Counter tops 

Treatment tables 


Face cradles

Other high-touch surfaces



Door/stall handles 

Light switches 


Faucet and handles 

Toilet paper/paper towel dispensers 

Toilet handles 

Toilet seats/tanks

Other high-touch surfaces



Shelves and items in hard surface containers

Other high-touch surfaces

Additional considerations for retail areas:

Remove testers or shared shopping bags/baskets that may cause sanitary concerns 

Print and post sign notifying clients that testers are available upon request (if applicable) 

Evaluate the addition of individual sealed samples when available 

Evaluate shared dressing/changing rooms and determine if temporary closure of that space is necessary 

Evaluate the addition of individually packaged snacks and/or beverages if communal food and beverage amenities are no longer offered 



Launder clothing, towels, linens and other machine-washable items according to the manufacturer’s instructions, using the warmest appropriate water setting. 

Dry items completely 

Clean and disinfect clothes hampers




We have created tons of other resources like Re-opening Toolkit and Are Consumers Ready to Return? to support you in your practice during this time. You can find them here.

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