Introducing Yomassage Self-Care!



Yesterday, Yomassage had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Getaway, a new business that allows you to escape Portland for time away in nature. Training Director and Master Trainer, Ashley Contreras, led our first Yomassage® Self Care workshop at Studio PDX in Portland, OR.

Yomassage® Self Care is our newest Yomassage offering that we are so excited to be launching in the fall! Yomassage® Self Care is led by a Yomassage® Therapist and is designed to teach you self care tools you can use every day! The workshop starts with breathing and mindfulness exercises and then goes into self-massage techniques using massage balls of various densities. Unlike our signature Yomassage® classes, Yomassage® Self Care is not limited in size. For this reason, it is a great opportunity for more people to learn about the Yomassage philosophy and attract more clients to your Yomassage classes. 


"I am grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with Getaway to share with our clients here in Portland about our new Yomassage® Self Care workshop that will launch soon. As a licensed massage therapist for 13 years, I try to empower my clients after each session with tools they can do right at home to relieve their pain. The impact of how just a few minutes daily with these self-care techniques is life-changing! Self-care isn't just about going to the spa and seeing a professional. It's about being mindful every day and making improvements for optimal health. Clients left this workshop feeling educated, deep relief, extremely relaxed and excited to add these techniques into their daily routine. I look forward to seeing how this workshop will change so many lives!" - Ashley Contreras

Look forward to future self-care workshops, and check out Getaway's unique experience on their website:!

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