Can you really learn a massage modality online?



Yomassage is going VIRTUAL in 2020! 

We know what you are thinking... How can you possibly learn a massage modality ONLINE?? Let's show you. (And stay tuned for a video at the bottom of this post that walks you through the online training!)

Yomassage is all about staying ahead of the curve. We created the first and only modality that allows massage therapists to serve multiple clients in a single session. This is changing the massage industry by making therapeutic touch more accessible to people who otherwise couldn't afford it, didn't think they needed it, or aren't comfortable with the traditional 1:1 treatments.

Our in-person Yomassage trainings are consistently getting reviews for being one of the best continuing education courses our therapists have ever taken (see Google and Facebook reviews). So we ask ourselves, how can we make this training even better??

The answer is simple...we take it VIRTUAL. 

We believe that distance learning is the way of the future. Distance education has gained popularity over the last decade and innovations have been created that allow for high quality and effective learning to take place; even for practice centered professions where interaction among students is critical.

This isn't your average online course where you download a few powerpoints, maybe take some quizzes, and now you are a certified therapist. This is an extensive 3-week certification that is completely interactive, instructor-led, and builds community.

The virtual platform will allow us to deliver consistent, high-quality instruction, straight from the founders of Yomassage. It will allow more flexibility and fewer travel expenses for the participants of the training. And best of all, an extraordinary amount of personalized feedback from the instructor and your peers.

The virtual training is even more in-depth than our in-person training. In the virtual training modules, you will learn about the Yomassage philosophy, the nervous system, mindfulness and breath work, the power of touch, the fascial system, the mind-body connection, trauma-informed bodywork, and more! You will have peer-to-peer discussions about each of these topics and have multiple ways to receive the information: videos, workbooks, quizzes, and discussions.

The Yomassage position section of the training will include 4 videos for each position that cover anatomy, getting your clients in and out of the position, contraindications and variations, and massage techniques & body mechanics. You will also receive a detailed workbook with all of this information written out, and TONS of pictures! You will take videos of yourself practicing these positions and receive personalized feedback from your instructor and your peers! And of course, at the end of each week, you will have a live Q&A with your instructor and your peers!

This training is being crafted by Yomassage founders Katherine Parker and Tiffany Ryan, PhD, MSW, LMT. Dr. Ryan has been teaching adult learners at the university level for 7 years. She has taught online for 5 years, designed online courses, helped design an online PhD program, and has been involved in research on the effectiveness of distance education. Additionally, Yomassage founders are working with Portland-based video production company 100 seconds, and the development and design team at Blooming Pixel Creatives to make this most incredible training experience.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will learn in the virtual training:

This is just a glimpse of what is to come in the 25 hour online Yomassage Therapist Training. We are so excited that this training will now be accessible to more people. If you want to train with us in person, make sure to sign up for one of our trainings this year before we go VIRTUAL!

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