American Spa: Meet Yomassage, The Yoga-Massage Fusion Class You Don’t Want to Miss



We are so excited that American Spa featured Yomassage as a class you don’t want to miss!

Wellness isn’t just for the rich and famous anymore, it’s becoming a necessity for everyone. Massage is among the practices many people view as a just luxury. However, human touch is essential and should be a self-care practice in everyone’s toolkit. This was the idea behind Yomassage: making therapeutic touch accessible.

With Yomassage, clients can purchase a 90-minute session for between $35-$55. This is a win-win for the clients and the therapists because, with 5-8 people in a 90-minute class, the massage therapist can gross between $280-$440.



The class itself is a fusion of restorative, relaxing, and supported yoga poses, massage therapy, and mindfulness. The poses are held for 5-10 minutes while the massage therapist provides light-medium therapeutic touch for around 90 seconds per client in each pose.

Yomassage is currently training massage therapists around the nation to teach their own Yomassage classes. You can find a list of their upcoming dates and locations and more details about the training here.

Please check out American Spa and read the full article here.

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