4 Tips for Table Massage During COVID



There are so many requirements and suggestions for limiting exposure to COVID-19 during massage treatments that it can be a little overwhelming! Here are 4 common sense tips that are easy to overlook and you likely haven’t seen as suggestions from your licensing body. 

Prone & Side Lying Massage

To avoid having your client face up and breathing towards you, try to limit supine work on the table. Start with a mostly prone session, and then incorporate some side lying work with the client facing away from you! 


Limit Talking

All of us have those clients that love to talk throughout the session! But we know that talking can spread a lot of germs. Try to limit conversing with your client during the session as much as possible. If you need to ask them a question, make sure you are not talking near their face. If you have a client that is especially talkative, don’t be afraid to start the session by saying “in order to reduce the spread of germs, I am going to keep the talking to a minimum during this session.”


Avoid Standing Near the Face

To avoid the client’s face, try to focus your sessions on the lower body as much as possible. Focus on the lower back, glutes, legs, and feet. Incorporate stretching techniques, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! Get creative with your body mechanics and try new techniques that allow you to access the same body parts in a different way!


Consider Using a Shield

Necessity is the mother of invention, and COVID has led to new products such as shields that allow you to create a barrier while performing head and neck work on the supine client. Check out this spa shield for added protection. 

While we aren’t able to eliminate risk completely, these tips along with the other safety regulations required by your state can certainly lower the risk for both you and your clients. 


We have created tons of other resources for massage therapists during this time like Re-opening Toolkit and Are Consumers Ready to Return? to support you in your practice during this time. You can find them here.


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