meet the founders + team

Katherine Parker


Business wasn’t initially in the cards for Katherine, but a chance encounter with a vacant live/work space and a desire to create a yoga studio that allowed her creative and financial freedom led to My Yoga Room, a studio that offered a variety of accessible classes. From there, Katherine departed from her law school path and expanded to create Studio PDX and Yomassage.

I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Arabic & Middle Eastern studies. After graduation, I moved back home to Missouri for a year to teach Arabic at the University of Missouri. I spent that year figuring out where I wanted to go to law school and landed on a school in Portland, OR. I worked at a law firm in Portland while studying for the LSAT.

About 6 months after moving to Portland, I walked by a live/work space and thought it would be a perfect space for a small yoga studio. My partner and I put all of our savings into breaking the lease on our apartment, and getting everything we needed to open a yoga studio. The yoga studio started as a way for me to hopefully be able to quit my job that I wasn’t happy doing. But when I was completing the application process, I knew that I didn’t want to go to law school and I that I wanted to put everything I had into the yoga studio. I spent the first 6 months working full time at the law firm, teaching a 6am yoga class before work, 2 classes after work, classes on the weekends, and doing everything else it takes to run a small business. A year after opening My Yoga Room, I acquired a larger studio, and have since merged the two businesses to create Studio PDX.

Around that same time, I met Tiffany. She recently moved to Portland and was hoping to join the yoga community. I couldn’t afford to hire any more yoga teachers at the time, but I was fascinated by her and her background and really wanted to work with her. Being a massage therapist, she convinced me of the importance of regular massage, and that sparked an idea to put together a class that made massage more accessible. Tiffany put together the class and we spent several months refining it and trying out new things. We realized that we really had something unique and special, and we wanted it to be huge. We created a concept that allows massage therapists to do something that has never been done before: cater to up to 8 clients in a single 90 minute session and offer head to toe massage therapy at an accessible rate. We hope that Yomassage will change the way that people look at massage and self care.

Tiffany Ryan


Embodied compassion. From pursuing social work, to researching and teaching, the wellbeing and support of others are my passion. An impulsive realization of the fleeting nature of life, a yearning for exploring the world by sailboat, a serendipitous step into the healing world of massage & yoga, and a chance meeting with Katherine in Portland manifested in an innovative approach to wellness – Yomassage.

I love to help people. It’s always been a core philosophy that lead me to a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in Social Work as well as various direct practice and advocacy positions - as an employee, student, and professor.
For so long, I was focused on helping  others and didn’t take time for myself. This, combined with having several reminders that life is short and uncertain, prompted my family (husband and 3 kiddos) and I to sell nearly everything we owned and live on a sailboat to explore the world by wind - as completely novice sailors.

When we finally circled back to the states, we landed in Portland, Oregon. Eager to develop my practice and connect with a larger wellness community, I contacted a local yoga studio. Katherine, the owner, asked me to create a class that combine restorative postures and massage. The integration of two impactful mindfulness methods resulted in Yomassage. The sequences I thought about it and really liked the idea of combining the two mindfulness methods that I am most passionate about. I created some sequences, practiced, and refined the method. It was so popular at the studio, we decided it would be a great idea to create a training to teach others the same method – and Yomassage was born! I am so excited to see where Yomassage goes and how many people it helps.