How to take your massage practice online

Learn how to take your massage practice online in this comprehensive course that gives you a step-by-step guide through videos, tutorials, print-outs, community support, and more! This course is for you whether you are a total beginner who considers yourself completely UN-tech-savvy, or if you’ve been doing work online with different programs for years and consider yourself a tech pro! We give you options to get started using a free version of Zoom, and equipment that you most likely already have at home, so you don’t have to worry about buying expensive products online or going from store to store to find what you need.

In this course you are going to learn:

1. Regulations and restrictions including insurance and liability considerations, how to do intake and liability waivers online in a HIPAA compliant manner, and SOAP notes for virtual 1-1 and group sessions.

2. Online offering suggestions including how to choose what you are going to offer online that is still within your wheelhouse and scope of practice, group vs. 1-1, pricing, descriptions and suggestions, brainstorming templates, sample emails, and more.

3. Scheduling online appointments including how to use the scheduling method you already use to offer your virtual session including step-by-step instructions for all major massage scheduling softwares, sample emails, and more.

4. A comprehensive Zoom tutorial including how to set up your virtual studio on Zoom in a fool-proof way for you and your clients. We go through both the free and Pro versions of Zoom and the many considerations that are important to massage therapists offering virtual sessions.

5. Setting up your virtual studio including lighting, camera, microphones, background, etc. Using what you already have at home or in their studio, or recommending great products that we use and love.

6. We also encourage you to join the facebook community so you can stay connected with us online, ask us questions, and get advice from like-minded people!

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This course has been a life saver! I've been so overwhelmed with everything - it was so helpful to have everything I need to know put together for me in an easy to digest format! I did my first virtual session with a long standing client yesterday. It was so uplifting to be able to connect with and continue to help my clients!

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