yomassage supporter training

This training is for you if you are in the field of yoga/fitness/bodywork and are interested in becoming a Yomassage™ Supporter. This is also for yoga instructors that teaches restorative, yin, or gentle yoga sessions. If you want to learn how to perform feel good yoga assists and reflexology in your yoga sessions, this is a great fit for you. You will learn different techniques for yoga assists that can be applied to any restorative and yin yoga pose. We will train you how and when to approach the client in assists, rules and regulations to follow, how to support your Yomassage™ Therapist. This also includes the basics of reflexology, and video demonstrations for all of the above.

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continuing education for Yomassage Therapists

Trauma Informed Bodywork

To take this training, you must be a certified Yomassage™ practitioner.

Trauma Informed Bodywork walks you through the basics of PTSD and trauma and why it’s important to bodyworkers. In addition to what you learned about trauma, we discuss how to effectively work with those who have experienced trauma, documentation, communication and self-care. Finally, we cover resources and how to move forward in our careers working with this special population.

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