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What does a Barefoot Yomassage® Session look like?

Barefoot Yomassage® is a transformative experience using medium, broad, consistent pressure with feet and body weight to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Each session begins with a five-minute deep breathing ritual or a unique themed meditation that helps ground you in the present moment. You’ll enter a deep state of relaxation as you’re guided through a series of six restorative stretches while a Yomassage therapist provides therapeutic and guided meditation.

When practiced regularly Yomassage can help with stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, loneliness, feelings of connectedness, digestion, pain, and more. Compared to a normal swedish massage, Yomassage releases more muscle tension, gets deeper into the connective tissues without accessing pain receptors, helps maintain a deeper state of relaxation, helps the client to relax and release earlier in the session, and activates more sensory receptors.

Barefoot Yomassage® sessions are led by massage therapists certified in Barefoot Yomassage® and can be 1-1, or the therapist can serve clients in a small group of 4 or less.

Earn your Barefoot Yomassage® Certification

Cutting Edge Virtual Certification

Training Structure

  • Highly experienced Master Trainer
  • Safe and positive learning community
  • 30 hours of training content
  • 100% self-paced with no start or end dates
  • 1:1 feedback from your experienced Master Trainer
  • Peer to peer discussions
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Hands-on learning with your partner
  • Video submissions
  • Weekly live Q&A Zoom calls
  • Opportunity to graduate with honors

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Training Contents

  • The science behind Yomassage
  • Yomassage philosophy
  • The nervous system, the mind-body connection and the fascial system
  • Foundational tools for creating the ultimate Barefoot Yomassage experience
  • How to structure and effectively lead Barefoot Yomassage sessions
  • Understanding body mechanics, variations, adjustments, and contraindications
  • Barefoot Yomassage positions and barefoot massage techniques
  • Protocols for sessions of 1-4 clients
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  • Up to 30 CEU’s 
  • World sessioncontent created by industry experts
  • Printable workbooks
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Private Facebook community
  • Tools to build a thriving business
  • Exclusive access to Yomassage membership
  • Weekly live Q&A Zoom calls
  • 1-on-1 feedback from experienced master trainer
  • Opportunity to graduate with Honors
  • Must be a licensed massage therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or chiropractor, or enrolled in one of these programs.
  • 1 full set of Yomassage props
  • Tablet or computer
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Phone, tablet, or computer capable of recording sound and video
  • Build a thriving Yomassage business to complement your massage practice
  • Lead 1-1, couples, or group Yomassage sessions
  • Partner with studios, corporations, spas, or work out of your own practice
  • A supportive global community to keep your business thriving
  • Opportunities to specialize in Trauma Informed Yomassage, Prenatal Yomassage, Energetic Yomassage, or Yomassage Self-Care
  • Empower your clients with self-care tools
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What are therapists saying?

I just completed the course and I will say it exceeded my expectations. I learned so much. This is the first time I’ve taken a sessionI felt like it was worth my money.

Andrea W.

The Yomassage Therapist training was exceptional. The hybrid of virtual and in-person training was ideal. I highly recommend this well-organized, beautifully presented course.

Belita P.

I am so happy during this challenging time to be able to take the Yomassage session I love the idea of combining massage and yoga. I feel very empowered to move forward with this from the virtual training that I just completed.

Linda C.

A fresh new way to care for clients in your practice, and help them make self care a priority. So thankful I took this course, and I highly recommend it to any massage therapist wanting to help more clients, or looking for a way to refresh their practice.

Andrea W.

This course was wonderfully informative and supportive. No lollygagging's. Everything was straight to the point, and the practice was effective.

Richard G.

I just completed the training in St. Louis and I am very excited to add this new aspect to my practice. There is so much potential for growth with Yomassage and I really like the direction they are going by adding more trainings and ways to reach new populations.

Darlene M.

I am so excited, I completed my online training this month to be a Yomassage instructor and will soon be getting my certificate! I love what Yomassage has taught me about bringing this New Modality to my community.

Maria F.

This training was absolutely great! I can't wait to bring this modality to my area. If you are on the fence to take this course, it is well worth learning and taking this course.

Mary S.

This technique and business opportunity is a great way to offer massage to more clients, while keeping it affordable and accessible to people who don’t get massage often enough. I’m very inspired and excited to bring this technique to my area.

Kerry L.

The online course was designed very well, and the community interaction was helpful and supportive. Highly recommended!

Jen M.

Amazing virtual course. Clear and concise instruction, instructors that care, and a unique learning experience. I'm very happy to have enrolled in this course to share Yomassage with my community.

Danielle A.

As a Restorative Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist, I'd been looking to incorporate hands on in my sessions. This sessionwas just an absolute manifestation of my desire. It really made me feel right at home with the technique.

Esmerelda G.

Never Feel Alone

Membership: the #1 tool for success

  • License to offer Yomassage
  • Marketing tools to promote yourself
  • Sessions advertised on the Yomassage website, social media accounts, and more!
  • Discounted and wholesale pricing on merchandise
  • Personal profile with link to scheduling on the Yomassage website
  • Searchable listings of sessions and workshops on the Yomassage website
  • Ongoing business and tech support
  • Monthly live Q&A’s with the Founders
  • Access to instructor-only forums
  • Free NCBTMB approved continuing education
  • Exclusive access to specialized trainings
  • Royalty free music
  • Monthly sessionthemes, sequences, soundtracks, and meditations
  • Learn more here.
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Training Investment


frequently asked questions

Who are the best Barefoot Yomassage clients?

Barefoot Yomassage is best for clients who are free of contraindications for deeper work and enjoy medium to deep pressure.

How is Barefoot Yomassage different from signature Yomassage?

Barefoot Yomassage has a similar session format beginning with meditation and working through a series of Yomassage positions. Barefoot Yomassage is a set sequence of 6 different positions practiced in a specific order. In Barefoot Yomassage 1 therapist can serve up to 4 clients in a session. Barefoot Yomassage uses the same props, with a few additional props that are necessary for this modality.

Do I need to have Ashi experience to take the Barefoot Yomassage training?

No Ashi experience is required to take the Barefoot Yomassage training. In the training you will learn everything you need to know about using your feet to deliver massage in a safe and effective manner.

Do I need to be Certified in Yomassage to take the Barefoot Yomassage training?

No! If you are a massage therapist, you are eligible to take the Barefoot Yomassage Certification.

Are there any discounts for Yomassage Premier Members?

Yes! Until 11/1/2020 premier members get $300 off with the code BAREFOOT300! After that, premier members ALWAYS get $250 off the Barefoot Yomassage training with the code BAREFOOT250. Make sure you use the email associated with your Premier Membership account or the code will not work!

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