Yomassage: The Unicorn of Self Care



Fitted Sheet 


I haven’t had many massages, but my first and last one couldn’t have been more different.

During my first massage at a commercial chain, the massage therapist told me to get underneath the flat sheet. Once alone, I not only got underneath the flat sheet, but also under the fitted sheet. Eventually, when she came back all I heard was, “Umm…”.

How did I not remember what a flat sheet was? It must have been something in the way the light buzzed and shined down on me like I was a bug on a table about to be dissected.

That was then and Yomassage is now.


Yomassage is my Love Language.


Here’s why…

Let me set the scene; dim lighting, essential oils in the air, blankets and friendly faces welcoming me into a class that I was late for (I’m lookin’ at you Lyft driver). The whole vibe of the class was positive energy and warmth.

Our instructor, Linda Caravia, guided us into our first yoga pose: malasana. Before she began the individual massages, she told us what we could expect with each touch. She started by massaging our necks and shoulders and that’s when I died and experienced a whole other world kind of good that only Yomassage can take you to.

Throughout the class, we transitioned into different yoga poses before each new massage. Being able to stretch while getting a massage made the process even more restorative.


Yogi in a Blanket


Okay, so I’m not a yogi. That’s the thing, though, you don’t have to be an experienced yoga student to practice Yomassage because the instructors provide modifications. SO, if your dog happens to knock you out of a handstand mere weeks before class and your ribs get bruised, DON’T WORRY there are modifications for that, too. Lucky for me, Linda is the best and checked in with me throughout the class to make sure I was comfortable.

For our last pose, we laid in shavasana and were invited to cover up with a blanket. I mean…c’mon. A blanket? After yoga? After a massage? Yes, please. So I pulled the blanket up to my chin while Linda massaged my head and I heard a choir of fairies singing.

After class was over, I felt completely rejuvenated. All of the muscles in my body were relaxed and my mind was clear. Yomassage is a unique, affordable and practical form of self-care that is beneficial for everyone.

You can beat the price of a big commercial chain while also sharing an elevating experience with awesome people.

Yomassage is a whole ‘lotta good.

Keep an eye out for a class near you!



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