Why is Yomassage the best option for massage during COVID?



We are now months into a new COVID-19 reality and can better understand the long-term implications of the pandemic on our physical and emotional health. Many continue with a strict quarantine protocol and have not received or given physical touch in months. Some quarantine with family or close friends and are lucky to have social interactions, but perhaps are still doing so from a 6 ft. distance. Quarantine life has certainly made the implications of touch deprivation a realization for many that once considered massage and therapeutic touch a luxury or just something that “feels nice”, but isn’t a necessity. 

Because the topic of touch deprivation has finally taken center stage, many people who have never experienced massage therapy are interested in learning more, but may still be reluctant to take the plunge because they don’t feel comfortable taking their clothes off, alone, in a dark room, with a stranger. 

Enter Yomassage - the gateway to receiving regular massage therapy and therapeutic touch. 

Why is Yomassage the perfect introduction to massage, especially during and after the pandemic?


1. Yomassage is a unique and innovative modality

Yomassage facilitates and incorporates a focus on mindfulness meditation and the mind-body connection in every session. Whether delivered one-on-one or in an intimate, small group setting the client is able to witness the connection between a relaxed mind and a relaxed, pain-free body - something we all need during these incredibly stressful times. 


2. The need for touch is met while fully clothed

Yomassage was founded on the belief that therapeutic and safe touch should be part of your regular wellness routine. That means it needs to be accessible to everyone - not only in price, but also comfort level. Introducing a fully clothed option for prospective clients that are new to massage is the perfect way to demonstrate the power of touch in a comfortable and safe environment. 


3. We all have a need for community and social connection

One of the unique and innovative aspects of Yomassage is that it can be delivered in a small group environment (up to a 1:5 ratio). This makes the cost more affordable for clients, allowing them to make it a part of their weekly wellness activities. Clients can schedule sessions with their family, significant others, and friend groups. Outdoor and socially distanced sessions are also an option for small groups. 

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