Why Guided Meditation During Massage is the Wave of the Future



Many clients seek out massage as a way to deal with their stress and anxiety, and while safe and therapeutic touch calms the nervous system, are we doing everything we can during a session to maximize the client’s ability to relax? 

The mind-body experience

It’s not often that people have an entire hour or 90 minutes to relax. It can be challenging for many to shut their brains off and fully experience the benefits of this time. A client’s experience during a massage that is intended for stress relief can range widely from total relaxation (the goal!), thinking about the things that are stressing them out, talking about things that are stressing them out, a mix between relaxation and then the mind wandering to stressors or something unrelated to the present moment. Delivering massage is the perfect time to not only incorporate mind-body connection for the client, but also to provide education and time for the client to practice mind-body connection techniques that they can take with them into their daily lives to help manage their stress. 


Increasing the healing benefits of your session

What can massage therapists do to help facilitate this mind-body connection? One very effective tool for keeping the mind focused on one thing (mindfulness) is through guided meditation. Yomassage has created a compilation of guided meditations with various themes that are created specifically to be used in a traditional massage or Yomassage sessions to enhance the mind-body connection, bring the focus to the body, breath, and positive, nurturing thoughts. Client’s can choose the theme of their guided meditation, and the therapist just presses a button for the perfectly timed guided meditation to play while they deliver transformative bodywork. 


Meditations are available in 60 or 90 minutes, male or female voices, with music and without. We have over 15 different meditation themes for you to choose from including:

Oceanside Journey





& many more

These recordings are specifically designed for massage and Yomassage sessions with timing cues, healing music, and more.

Listen to a sample of our oceanside meditation recording here:


All of these recordings are available in our premier Yomassage membership after you complete a Yomassage, Mindful Touch, Table Yomassage, or Barefoot Yomassage certification.


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