Why Estheticians Need to Know About Psychodermatology



How can we impact our client’s on a deeper level? Can we impact their skin from the inside out as well as the outside in? 

The mind-body-skin connection

Working to treat and prevent skin issues is incomplete when we don’t consider the mind-body connection. Often clients return with the same issues over and over again, frustrated with the lack of results. This is because skin care isn’t just about products or procedures. There is an entire whole person approach that is missing. Research has shown that dermatology patients see faster and better results when implementing treatment protocols if they combine the treatment with meditation and visualization - up to 40% faster results! There is a relatively new medical specialty called psychodermatology. This field of specialists focus on the mind-body connection and its impact on the skin. The two most commonly recommended interventions for patients are meditation and visualization. 



Skin and the nervous system

Skin is our largest organ and is directly related to the nervous system. For example, when you feel nervous, your skin turns red or starts to sweat. When you are stressed, often sebaceous oil is secreted causing breakouts or other skin issues. The nervous system is directly related to how our bodies handle stress. If we can train the brain to regulate faster when we are triggered and stressed, we are able to create new neural pathways that allow us to stay in the rest and relaxed state more of the time, thus allowing our skin to remain unaffected by the body’s reaction to stress and improve responsiveness to treatment.



Incorporating mindfulness into skincare

In Yomassage facials, we address all aspects of the person impacting the skin. Client’s are led through guided meditation, breathwork, visualization, and restorative stretch while being educated on and encouraged to notice the connection between the body and mind. Additionally, client’s leave with tools in their belt to continue regulating their nervous systems and effectively managing their stress so they receive optimum results. 



What does a Yomassage® Facials Session look like?

Each Yomassage® Facial session begins with a five minute deep breathing ritual or a unique themed meditation that helps ground you in the present moment. You’ll be led through a series of 5 restorative stretches that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and create space for deep breathing. You will receive a different step of the customized 10-step HydroPeptide® facial in each restorative stretch. The Yomassage® Facial incorporates massage and meditation in every step of the treatment.



What are the benefits of the Yomassage® Facial?

The Yomassage® Facial incorporates massage, restorative stretch, breathwork, and mindful skincare to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and help with stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, loneliness, feelings of connectedness, digestion, pain, and more. These improvements are some of the most effective and lasting ways to improve the feeling and quality of our skin. 

The combined power of 5 exfoliants help improve cell turnover for a radiant complexion while a cooling PolyPeptide Collagel+ mask locks in hydration and helps amplify active ingredients like peptides and antioxidants. Through this completely waterless facial - skin is left refreshed, hydrated and more radiant than ever.



Who can offer Yomassage® Facials?

Yomassage® Facial sessions are led by licensed estheticians certified in Yomassage® Facials.

The training

The Yomassage® Facial Certification training is 30 hours and will allow you to offer Yomassage® Facials both 1:1 on the table and in small groups of 4 or less on the floor. Yomassage® props ($150) and the HydroPeptide Yomassage® training kit ($89) are purchased separately.

Visit https://yomassage.com/pages/yomassage-facials to learn more and reserve your spot in our 30-hour, asynchronous, world class virtual training that can be completed on your own time. Once you’re done, you’ll submit demonstration videos for grading and feedback by your Master Trainer to ensure you are 100% ready to begin offering a transformative Yomassage® Facials experience for your clients. 

Find out more about our new Yomassage® Facial training and how to become a Certified Yomassage® Esthetician visit: https://yomassage.com/pages/yomassage-facials

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