Why are so many massage therapists leaving the industry?



Touch is an integral part of a human's emotional, mental, and physical wellness. While the need for touch has never been greater due to COVID restrictions, we have found ourselves in a massage therapy shortage.

A flood of massage therapists have left their practices over the past year and half. Many left because they were unsure of their ability to offer services and remain open without interruption due to unpredictable COVID restrictions, thus impacting their financial stability. Some therapists simply no longer feel safe interacting with the public due to health and safety concerns. Due to these implications from the pandemic, many have left to pursue other health and wellness avenues such as coaching; while others have retired early or left the health and wellness fields altogether.

Regardless of the reason for shifting professional focus, the fact remains that with fewer massage therapists and a high demand for touch based services, the industry needs to adapt to be able to serve clients more effectively and efficiently.



One innovative and unique offering that has increased massage therapist’s ability to serve their client waitlist is Yomassage. Utilizing restorative stretch and mindfulness techniques, Yomassage allows you to provide therapeutic touch to multiple clients in one session. A Certified Yomassage Therapist can serve up to 5 clients in a single session, giving clients a transformative head to toe mind-body experience.

This small-group approach not only allows massage therapists to work smarter and not harder and bring in more revenue per treatment, but allows clients to be able to receive therapeutic touch on a more regular basis and at a more accessible price. Depending on the area and location, therapists are charging $35-$75 per person for a 5-person 90-minute session bringing in between $150-$375 for a 90-min group Yomassage session. Therapists conduct sessions out of their own practice and/or partner with yoga studios, gyms, wellness centers, or other like-minded businesses.



  • Release more muscle tension than regular massage
  • Get deeper into the connective tissues without accessing pain receptors
  • Activate more sensory receptors than a regular massage
  • Empower the client to continuously release tension during and after the session
  • Relax and release earlier in the session
  • Maintain a deeper state of relaxation throughout the session
  • Maintain a balanced nervous system after the session
  • Make the body and mind more resilient to stress



Yomassage is great for deep relaxation and activating and training the parasympathetic nervous system - the rest and digest system. When practiced regularly Yomassage can help with stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, loneliness, feelings of connectedness, digestion, pain, and more.



Yomassage offers virtual certification programs for massage therapists that are approved by NCBTMB. The virtual program is a work-at-your-own-pace style within weekly due dates. So you don’t need to log in at specific times, and you can work around your own schedule. There are videos, hands-on assignments, quizzes, print-outs, discussions, 1:1 feedback from an experienced master trainer, scheduled weekly live Q&As with an experienced master trainer, opportunity to graduate with honors, and more! Yomassage offers the highest quality virtual massage training with over 300 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

Yomassage is unlike any other massage CEU course because they support you after the training through a membership program! Yomassage advertises your classes and sessions, provides advertising materials, class themes and meditations, recorded meditations, professional photos and videos, press releases, monthly mentorship meetings, a free-scheduling software with membership, and so much more!

For more information on how to become a Certified Yomassage Therapist, visit www.yomassage.com.

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