What is the massage equivalent of community acupuncture?




Humans have been practicing self-care in groups for decades. There’s group meditation, yoga, foot rubs, and more recently chiropractors and acupuncturists have adopted group formats for receiving treatments. Bringing these wellness practices into a group environment allows the treatments to be more accessible to clients, but there is also a very important benefit to practicing wellness in the company of others. 

So why haven’t massage therapists adopted this same method?

It’s a hard problem to solve. Trying to figure out a way to serve clients in a group setting. Is this even possible? It’s such an individual practice. Therapists spend 60-80 minutes on average with each client. Clients aren't typically clothed when therapists are working on them. Massage tables are large and expensive.

Can it really work?

In order to make massage therapy work in a group setting, there are some tweaks that have to be made to the traditional massage practices.


1. Clients will need to be fully clothed

2. Clients will receive less hands-on time in a 1-hour session

3. The goals of a group session will be different than in an individual practice

4. Clients will experience massage off the table





Smarter, Not Harder

These additions are something that any massage therapist can incorporate into their practice. It’s a great way to be more accessible to your clients, and help your clients come in more regularly, and work smarter, not harder.

A Great Solution

There are multiple ways you can go about this “group” practice. The most popular way is a modality that we have created called Yomassage. It not only allows clients to receive touch at a more accessible rate, it gives them something equally beneficial to practice while they aren’t being massaged: restorative touch and mindfulness.



Get Started Now

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