Mindful Touch & Yomassage: Know the Difference



Yomassage® & Mindful Touch™: What’s the Difference?

Yomassage and Mindful Touch are sisters, not twins.

Don't get us wrong, though. Both Yomassage and Mindful Touch come from the same family, and each upholds the four Yomassage pillars: touch, stretch, breath, and community. On the flip side, they have distinct differences that allow them to offer something that's uniquely their own.

So, let's break it down. 



Yomassage is the ultimate relaxation experience. These classes are deeply relaxing providing you with restorative stretch, mindfulness practice, and massage from a licensed massage therapist. As you’re in the restorative stretches you’re completely supported with blankets and bolsters, giving you that warm pig-in-a-blanket feeling. All of this in a luxurious, community setting. 

Yomassage, like Mindful Touch, is luxurious. Though more exclusive as one Yomassage Therapist only serves up to five clients at a time. If they have a supporter, classes host up to ten clients at a time. 

Though these are high-in-demand classes, they're still accessible at $45-$85 per person at a studio or therapist's practice and up to $85-$150 per person at a spa or resort. A Yomassage session costs significantly less than a regular massage, and is arguably more beneficial because of the added stretch, mindfulness, and community components. 

Additionally, one of the most significant differences is in the type of safe touch offered. Licensed massage therapists who are certified in Yomassage lead these classes, so they have the tools to manipulate the tissue in your body, leaving you with those good after-a-massage feels. In a five-person Yomassage session, expect to float away with a minimum of 15-20 minutes of massage.

We recommend Yomassage sessions for unwinding after a long week, social soirées, or for experiential self-care routine to reset your vibes. Try to schedule a Yomassage session as a part of your weekly or monthly self-care routine.

Mindful Touch™

You know the feeling when a loved one brushes their hand across your back? It feels comforting, acknowledging, and connective. That's what makes Mindful Touch so special. 

Mindful Touch classes are not massage, but a way to receive safe, intentional touch, in the same community setting as a Yomassage session. While you're deeply relaxed in restorative Yomassage positions, a trained Mindful Touch practitioner will move around the room, providing therapeutic, mindful touch to each person. 

These classes host up to 10 clients per practitioner and are around the same price as your typical drop-in yoga class, $15-$25. Expect to receive about 10-15 minutes of hands-on time in each Mindful Touch session. Try to attend a Mindful Touch class daily or weekly.

These classes satisfy the need for human connection in a safe, intentional, community setting. Incorporating Mindful Touch into your everyday life will revolutionize your self-care routine. 

There's even science to prove it. 


Two is Better than one

Here's where Yomassage and Mindful Touch meet in the middle. For starters, they're fully clothed, and in a group environment. The goal of every class in the Yomassage family is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and foster a deeper mind-body connection. 

Yomassage and Mindful Touch practitioners are trained extensively on the nervous system, breathing and mindfulness, the research behind touch and stretch, anatomy in the Yomassage positions, and the mind-body connection. They are trained to be trauma-sensitive and create a safe, inclusive environment in every session.

If you are seeking more touch in your daily life, or need a regular option for deep relaxation and stress relief, don't hesitate to try out Yomassage and Mindful Touch. 

After all is said and done, you don’t have to choose just one. 

Find a Yomassage or Mindful Touch class in your area today! 

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