How to create community in your massage practice



Social connection is an essential human need. As wellness practitioners, we get to see the impact of the social connections we make with our clients and how it can improve their physical and mental health. There are many ways you can facilitate social connection in your massage practice and create community among your clients. Keep reading for more information!



Craving for connection

Humans crave and seek out opportunities for social connection with like minded people. People seeking out massage are often experiencing a physical or emotional need and receive a boost of feel good and social connectedness hormones from the therapeutic touch received during bodywork. This has been especially true throughout the pandemic. Society at large has experienced first hand the impact that a lack of community and physical touch has had on our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

How can we as bodyworkers fill this desire and need among our clientele and build community in our practices? 


Group sessions to create community

Yomassage is a unique offering that allows you to create a deeper connection focusing on the mind-body connection and emotional well being as an outcome for your clients. This can be done 1:1 with your clients or in a small group session. The small group sessions allow for the opportunity to come together in community. To meet new friends who are seeking out a healing self-care practice, or to share the experience with friends or family members. 



What exactly is Yomassage?

Yomassage combines restorative stretch, mindfulness meditation, and massage therapy in a small group or 1:1 session. The small group offering not only creates community among you and your clients, but it makes massage more accessible to people who can benefit from massage but feel more comfortable in a fully clothed group environment. It also brings down the price per person, allowing clients to be able to attend more frequently while also allowing the therapist to make more money in a single session.

You can watch a video of a group Yomassage session here: 



What would a group session look like in my practice?

Group Yomassage sessions look different for each practitioner! Some practitioners have space within their massage practice to offer sessions for 3-5 people. Other therapists work in a smaller space but are still able to offer groups of 2-3. Another option is to partner with studios, wellness centers, or other locations that have the space and props needed to offer a session. Yoga studios are great Yomassage partners! With these partnerships, you have the opportunity to increase the size of your community and practice by tapping into a whole new community of wellness clients.

In the Yomassage certification, we walk you through all of the different ways you can offer Yomassage, partner with other businesses, and add Yomassage into your unique practice in a way that works best for you and your clients.




Yomassage offers virtual certification programs for massage therapists that are approved by NCBTMB. The virtual program is a work-at-your-own-pace style within weekly due dates. So you don’t need to log in at specific times, and you can work around your own schedule. There are videos, hands-on assignments, quizzes, print-outs, discussions, 1:1 feedback from an experienced master trainer, scheduled weekly live Q&As with an experienced master trainer, opportunity to graduate with honors, and more! Yomassage offers the highest quality virtual massage training with over 300 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook. 

Yomassage is unlike any other massage CEU course because we support you after the training through a membership program! Yomassage advertises your classes and sessions, provides advertising materials, class themes and meditations, recorded meditations, professional photos and videos, press releases, monthly mentorship meetings, a free-scheduling software with membership, and so much more! 

For more information on how to become a Certified Yomassage Therapist, visit this page. To see upcoming training dates, visit this page. Join the private Yomassage Facebook group here.
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