Healing from Domestic Violence


Through Safe Touch + Yoga


A yoga and mindfulness practice was essential in addressing the traumatic mental effects that resulted from surviving domestic violence.

emotional pain manifesting physically

I originally began practicing yoga in response to physical manifestations of stress and anxiety in the form of severe back and sciatic pain. My doctor had suggested that I get a cortisone shot, which I was adamantly against. The doctor then suggested that I try to strengthen my back through physical therapy or yoga.

the healing begins

I began practicing regularly and something amazing happened. Yoga practice began healing my body AND my mind, while providing a source of power, strength, and well-being. Regular and sustained yoga practice was pivotal in my progression to finally breaking my own cycle of domestic violence. The more that I created space in my life for mind/body practice such as yoga and meditation, the more effectively I was able to cope with my depression, anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD.  

the birth of a company

As I continued to practice, I was compelled to share this gift with others who do not have the resources to address trauma resulting from domestic violence. In 2018 I founded Om Thrive, a nonprofit that provides healing yoga practice to survivors of domestic violence and abuse.  The purpose of Om Thrive is to help persons fleeing domestic violence transition from crisis mode to normalcy, and assist survivors that are no longer in crisis mode address and heal past trauma. Om Thrive seeks to increase the provision of trauma-informed services in social services by providing wellness options that are essential to healing but severely lacking in inclusivity and accessibility. We are very excited to partner with Yomassage™ to offer their new fusion of yoga and hands-on massage therapy as a service to our participants.  

the studies

Leading researcher Dr. Tiffany Fields has found that even short instances of touch (15 minutes per day) can “lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, stimulate the hippocampus (an area of the brain that is central to memory), and drive the release of a host of hormones and neuropeptides that have been lined to positive and uplifting emotions.”


I have experienced how the Yomassage model of safe touch during restorative yoga poses brings the essential mind/body practice of yoga to the next level and am excited to see others benefit from it.   

A huge thank you to Day Bibb for partnering with us on this blog. We are so excited to be working with such an incredible woman and an amazing organization. Please check out www.omthrive.org and consider donating to help domestic violence survivors through yoga & mindfulness.  

by: Day Bibb, Founder of OmThrive
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