6 Ways Your Life Is Better With Safe Touch 



The benefits of regular, safe touch are extremely impactful, but not very many people know about it. That’s why we’re starting the conversation, and science is backing us up. Here are six ways safe touch can help improve your life. 


1. Safe Touch Increases Happiness


Safe touch helps increase your overall happiness by releasing the hormone oxytocin. What is oxytocin? It’s the happiness hormone, or what’s sometimes referred to as the love hormone, and you can find it in a Yomassage session near you.


2. Safe Touch Improves Sleep


Skip the melatonin and sleepytime tea and replace it with safe touch. Safe touch gives you all the relaxation your body needs for a good night’s sleep.


3. Safe Touch Increases Creativity


Ignite your creative spark with safe touch. When you relieve your anxiety, you make room for creativity!


4. Safe Touch Boosts Your Immune System


Boost your immune system. According to Maria Konnikova, therapeutic touch, or touch perceived in a positive manner has also been shown to boost the immune system.


5. Safe Touch Increases Feelings of Connectedness


You’re more connected and have a deeper sense of empathy. This is because oxytocin is associated with social bonding, trust, generosity, and empathy.


6. Safe Touch Makes You Feel Relaxed and at Ease


You’re well-grounded as safe touch delivers the message of safety and relaxation to the brain. 


Now you know. What are you waiting for? Find a class near you today and feel the difference safe touch will make in your life. 


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