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This month, we wanted to feature the newest member of the Yomassage team, Ashley Contreras. Ashley is our Training Director and a Yomassage Master Trainer. We are so honored that she is a part of the Yomassage family. Keep reading to learn more about Ashley and how she incorporates Yomassage into her life.




What made you interested in Yomassage initially? 

When I saw the first training being held in Portland, Oregon last September, something just clicked for me. I knew this would be something that many of my clients would love and find healing in between their sessions. I was excited to get my clients off the table and onto a mat on the floor to gently stretch, be mindful of their breath while also receiving hands-on massage therapy. The combination was exciting and I couldn’t wait to see how it came together in a class setting!

Why are you passionate about Yomassage? 

There is something so beautiful seeing my clients lying there in stillness as they allow me to bring healing through my hands. I am honored to be apart of their self care and it fuels me every class. I believe it is making touch accessible for everyone and so many need this more than we know. For this reason, I want to share and help other massage therapist as a Master Trainer, to learn this method and start healing in new ways!


How has Yomassage changed your professional life?

Never in a million years did I ever think I would have my own business but after taking the training, Yomassage encouraged me to do so and it’s been such a blessing. I have been able to share my knowledge and passion with more people than I ever thought were possible.

How have you seen Yomassage impact your clients? 

Clients can’t seem to get enough! Many of us don’t take time to just lay in stillness and or receive regular massage therapy. The combination of stretch, touch and breath allows clients to heal in multiple ways all at the same time. It’s become such a healing self care tool for so many and I see them making it a priority in their lives, which is so rewarding as a practitioner.


How many classes are you teaching a month? 

I teach 2-3 classes a month. Typically two large classes of 8-10 clients and one small class of 3-5 clients.

Where have you been teaching classes?

I teach classes on the west side of Portland, Oregon at yoga studios and chiropractic offices.

Go visit one of Ashley’s Yomassage classes when you get a chance! 

We love you, Ashley! Thanks so much for being a part of our team.

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